FCS Amsterdam

After three symposia at Ruigoord (NL) and others in Boom-Land in Portugal, Christiania in Denmark, the Republic of Užupis in Lithuania and the ADM (NL), the eighth symposium is descending on three different cultural centers in Amsterdam.

Decentralisation is of general importance for free cultural spaces and an important aspect of development of cooperation. This symposium can be viewed as a follow-up to the 7 th Symposium on FCS (on degentrification) and the manifestation “Priceless Capital (Onbetaalbaar Kapitaal)” presented by the Cultural Defense Line of Amsterdam (de Culturele Stelling van Amsterdam, C.S.A.) at De Zwijger in Amsterdam in June this year.

The symposium theme will be Reframing Environmentalism.
We expand our usual definition of “environment” to include those places we call “home”: our streets, neighborhoods, communities. At the three locations we will focus on three subthemes; respectively: Hybrid Space (Nieuw en Meer), Space and Time (Ruigoord) and Recentralisation (Vrij Paleis).

The final day of the Symposium is intended to present a statement to the city ofAmsterdam in word and deed by having a demonstration leading to the old Provo-Totem Het Lieverdje. The parade will commemorate 50 years of Kabouterbeweging.


Aja Waalwijk