Laden Agenda

Weaving Stories

Clothes are bodies that we create everyday. And as a global body, humans often forget to spend time with this very personal armour. Storing masses of energies in its seams given by our emotions, environment and memories. Memories that even we are too full to carry.  What would we find if we took time to sift through these records? What memories release in breaking its seams – and what memories are recreated when we sew them back together?

The New Sewing School
Amsterdam Zuidoost based, The New Sewing School presents this 6 week course exclusive to Ruigoord. Sharing the stories that bond us to the clothes we wear whilst releasing their hidden messages, transforming them into pieces of reflection and change. Choosing to use old clothing parts or learn how to copy its patterns, and recreate something new.

Whilst exploring the relationship between our bodies and the fabric that dress them, you’ll be introduced and guided in using the sewing machine as your tool. You will also learn the basics of pattern-cutting and how to build your personal pattern library from your own wardrobe.

When: July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and 5th August

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