Jazz op Zondag: The Fours

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The Fours zijn vijf superkrachten gebundeld. Deze vier heren en een Dame hebben hun sporen verdiend door te spelen in New Cool Collective of samen te werken met Ronald Snijders band en Deborah Carter band of les te geven aan het conservatorium. Hun onderlinge chemie kwam tot hen tijdens een oefensessie, de rest is geschiedenis. Altijd funky, energiek en swingend.  Hun eigen composities variëren van Latin Jazz tot Afro funk vibes. Mis het niet. May The Fours be with you!

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“The Fours” from Amsterdam is a Rhythm and Jazz quintet playing their own original music in the styles of Latin Jazz, Brazilian, Funk, and Caribbean grooves. The members are: Leslie Lopez on bass, Olaf Keus on drums, Jeen Rabs on electric guitar, Raya Hadzhieva on trumpet/flugelhorn, and Tycho Burgerhoff on percussion. This group was formed by top all-round musicians from New Cool Collective, Ronald Snijders Band, and Deborah Carter’s Band.

“The Fours” boasts a lineup of exceptionally talented individuals, each contributing their unique flair to the group’s dynamic sound. Founder Leslie Lopez expertly handles the bass, infusing each note with passion and precision. Co-founder Olaf Keus sets the beat on drums, skillfully guiding the band’s rhythmic direction. Jeen Rabs, another co-founder, dazzles on electric guitar, lending a melodic and vibrant touch to their music. Raya Hadzieva showcases his mastery of the trompet and flugelhorn, weaving enchanting melodies into the band’s sonic tapestry. Lastly, Tycho Burgerhoff expertly handles the congas and percussion, adding depth and texture to their captivating performances.

To connect with “The Fours” and experience their mesmerizing music, reach out to them at www.thefours.nl

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