Laden Evenementen

10.00 – 00.25 justincase

00.25 – 00.45 Anto López Espinosa
00:45 – 03.00 seniortwink
03:00 – 03.05 Lady Bag
03:05 – 05.30 ketia
05:30 – 08.00 Lola Edo

We wholeheartedly invite you into the palace of ‘sSSsSSss’, A laboratory of radical expression. A new queer dancefloor in Amsterdam, A gathering that decentralizes from a standard party night and connects to different concepts of nightlife and live art, emitting cohesively into the universe. Let us shake things up, out and beyond!

sSSsSSss believes in the different flavors of dancing, we want to applaud experimentation in the hyperexpansion of gender in the form of our dressgoat which will be : ‘’b*tch, I made an effort! ’’. We want to disappear into your storming eyes. We want to give waves of vibrations to those who are called by the beats. We are craving for those who build or leave looks and sweat on the dancefloor. sSSsSSss desires, a collective swarm, where our bodies are in concert with each other and where resilience shapes our elastic bodies into communal construction sites, that we as ‘sSSsSSss’ will do our utmost effort to facilitate. Close your eyes shortly. While finding the right envelopes to invite you into our palace. We realize we haven’t created experiences and memories to appropriate what we truly are or will become, and hence leave the doors of the palace open for now, to be stormed by you sleazy dancers. There is music pumping high above the clouds overarching the palace, and it’s gonna storm soon. We can’t wait!

sSSsSSss wishes for you to be you, or being someone else or multiple people for a night, to make you stronger, more self-confident c*nts because you are the decoration of our palace. We want this evening to be a celebration, where there is no tolerance for racism, transphobia, queerphobia, sexism and ageism. We want to give space to Queers, BIPOC and FLINTA people to flaunt themselves freely.

Come dance with us, on the 16th of March, from 22:00-8:00 in the Ruigoord Church.



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