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Solstice Festival 2022

Solstice Festival

The midsummer night, or ‘Solstice’ is celebrated in Ruigoord with a psychedelic festival organized by Trance Orient Express.

The sun is honoured by dancing together to Psychedelic Trance music, in a modern twist on the old tribal midsummer night rituals.

With an exhibition, a chill-out and a large dance floor in the open air, this special celebration is a real pleasure for body and mind.

The Solstice ritual is provided by the theatrical branch of the village who, in synergy with the visitors, the music and of course the magisterial radiant sun, achieve a euphoric catharsis

Etnica * Etnicanet * Spain LIVE

Regan * Nano Records * South Africa DJ

Earthling * Zero1 Music * England LIVE

Kala * Forestdelic Records * Slovenia LIVE

Pollyfonika * Blacklite Records * Mexico DJ

Mindbenderz *Iono Music * Germany LIVE

Krumelur * Zenon Records * Germany LIVE

Deviant Species * Trick Music * England LIVE

Back to Mars * Forestdelic Records * Netherlands DJ

Dr Vinni * Dutch Acid Family * Netherlands DJ

Liftshift * Independent * Netherlands LIVE

Hashashin * World People Prod * Belgium LIVE

Egomorph * Music4Aliens / Technophobia * Italy LIVE

FluoElf * Intermind Records * Spain

Jorine & Tulpa * Gaggalacka / Modular Moon * Netherlands DJ b2b

Raoul * Occulta Records * Germany DJ

AstroNuts * Trance Orient Express * Netherlands DJ

Hashashin Chill * Green Tree Records * Belgium LIVE

PolyEsta * Dance The Medicine * Netherlands DJ

Invisible Ralf * Merkaba Music * Netherlands LIVE

Sounds of Snow * Nutek Chill * Netherlands LIVE

Shivanki * 3rd BIT * Netherlands DJ

Zaftra Morgen * Gaia Psybient Music * Netherlands DJ

T!la * Solypaz * Netherlands DJ

Locus Pocus Deco * Netherlands

Centipede Productions * Netherlands

more to be announced