Lughnasadh – Harvest Gathering

Laden Evenementen
✨ Harvest walk and Mandala making together
✨ Thanksgiving dinner (for our ancestors)
✨ Harvest of Fire ceremony
✨ Informal community gathering

Lughnasadh is a Fire celebration. It marks the beginning of harvest season. This festival was often celebrated on a Sunday between 1st and 12th August. Those Sundays were also called Bilberry Sunday, because of the harvest of blueberries. Or Garland Sunday, because then Celts would place garlands of flowers and crops on wells. This is a magical act to enhance the bountifulness of harvest. Celtic festivals and rituals typically centre around the assurance of a bountiful harvest and the celebration of the harvest cycle. Celts measure their days from sundown to sundown.


17.00 – We gather at the Church terrace for a harvest walk. We will gather seeds, berries and flowers in the beautiful nature of Ruigoord. In addition to that, every participant is encouraged to bring some seeds, grains and flowers. Branka will explain the elements of this seasonal celebration and its meaning. We will create an intention. Our personal intention, but also on a communal intention – what do we harvest as a community.


17.45 – Together we will create a beautiful Mandala from seeds, grains and flowers on the land of Ruigoord. In the middle of Mandala is a bowl of water, which symbolises the well, the bountifulness. We create the Mandala in silence, followed by live instruments.


19.00 – Thanksgiving dinner. We sit together on a big table. Each participant is encouraged to bring one special dish that holds a significance for them and a story from one or more of his/her ancestors. This part is called Thanksgiving dinner, and this is a performance-ritual which Branka has developed to bring different people together and to deepen our bond culturally as well in the multicultural setting of Amsterdam. The purpose of this performance-dinner is to celebrate our ancestors in a multicultural way, to provide a spiritual and ritualistic container for everyone who lives here. Thanksgiving celebration is part of almost all cultures in the world. We give thanks to our ancestors for everything we have, for everything they have given us, for all of their sacrifices which led a path to this moment here and now.


20.30 – Harvest of Fire. We gather around the fire, close to the sundown. Participants will be guided to connect with the Fire in an embodied way. We will connect with the spirit of Fire, in order to receive it inside of us. The goal is to magically collect as much fire/sun as we can, and to keep it inside, for the autumn and the winter days.


21.30 – 23.00 Informal community gathering. There will be music in the background and we will slowly dissolve into the night.
PLEASE BRING: some seeds, grains, flowers, berries, a dish that is connected to your ancestors, instruments




Branka Zgonjanin (aka Iskra Bela) is Amsterdam based dancer and choreographer, artist-shaman and an eclectic herbalist. As an artist, she collaborates closely with plant world and creates artworks which are hybrids of herbalism, performance-ritual and deep ecology. As a herbalist, Branka grows permaculture medicinal plants garden in Amsterdam and makes natural remedies. She frequently holds women circles (Womb to Heart Ritual), microdosing and healing dance sessions, herbalism courses and dance/embodiment workshops. Branka presents her work and ceremonies at festivals and gatherings, such as Gardens of Babylon, Landjuweel, Georgie’s Wundergarten, Tantric Bliss, Intimacy festival, Natural High, Odessa Tantra festival… – –
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