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We are very happy to invite you to our new concept: Ecstatic Trance Oriënt Mini As we are allowed to dance outside within the current Covid situation we decided to organize a ‘Psylent Trance Dance Workshop’ where we will guide you on a musical journey through the mind’s eye. We will dance together on a beautiful field in the back of the village, maintaining a safe distance but connecting through the sacred motions of dance and the flow of psychedelic trance. This edition we invited Ruigoord’s residents Astronuts and Back to Mars Tickets are available via; 13:30 Walk in. 14:00 – 15:30 Astronuts 15:30-17:00 Back to Mars Price includes headphone.Limited tickets available, so don’t hesitate and embark on this psychedelic journey with us. We adhere to the COVID19 protocols. This means that you stay at home if you have symptoms. The basic principle remains that you keep 1.5 meters away