Would you like to have a studio at Ruigoord?

This could be possible, for studios become available on a regular basis. Having a studio at Ruigoord is something special because the artists are part of an active working community who organise multiple special cultural events every year. The Sculpture Route during the Landjuweel and the annual Paradiso Show are two large productions, but there are also smaller festivals and gatherings where the public meets the work of Ruigoord artists.

How can I apply for studio space at Ruigoord?

Because Ruigoord is a working community, a Studio Committee has been established consisting of people from inside and outside of Ruigoord, who assess the applicants, their portfolio and motivation letter. The several criteria are:

  • A studio user can represent Ruigoord to the outside world
  • A studio user wants to commit to the preservation and development of Ruigoord
  • A studio user brings artists and public to Ruigoord
  • A studio user works hard every day in his studio, but is also helpful to colleagues and contributes to the quality of the spiritual life in Ruigoord
  • A studio user is present at the village meeting and/or other meetings
  • A studio user is aware of the history of Ruigoord and of the organising principles of Ruigoord.
  • A studio user adds a discipline or a competence to the knowledge and expertise already present in the working community
  • A studio user has a high regard for integrity, is honest and underwrites the moral standards of the working community.

Deze criteria zijn opgesteld in 2009 tijdens twee workshops met het dorp en bekrachtigd in een vergadering van Stichting Ruigoord. Gegadigden dienen redelijkerwijs aan deze criteria te voldoen, zij niet noodzakelijkerwijs aan ieder onderdeel in gelijke mate.

You can apply by submitting your portfolio and motivation for the use of a studio at Ruigoord in the Ruigoord office, which can be reached via kantoor@ruigoord.nl. If you pass the first selection round, you will be invited for an interview with the Studio Committee. The committee can ask for assistance from an external expert. If this interview is positive, you will be introduced at the village meeting. Then you will receive a contract from the board of the Ruigoord Foundation after which a meeting with the Rent Committee will take place.

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What types of studios are there at Ruigoord?

There are two types of studios: studios in the old building and newly built studios. Old building studios come in many different sizes: an entire building or a barn, or a floor in an existing house.

New studios have a maximum of 50 m2 and can only be rented out to studio users who are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and have a VAT number, therefore being commercially active as producers of cultural products or services.

What does a studio at Ruigoord cost?

The costs of a studio at Ruigoord depend on several factors:

  • number of square metres
  • old building or new building
  • degree of self-maintenance

What is in the small print?

This tenancy agreement between the studio user and the Ruigoord Foundation includes the following stipulations:

The hired space may only be used as a studio.

It is not allowed to do anything else in the studios without the prior written permission of the Ruigoord Foundation.

The tenant accepts the rented property in the state in which it is. Internal alterations and modifications are possible but should be submitted in advance to the Ruigoord Foundation, modifications may only be carried out after a written permission.

The outside area around the studios is not part of the rented property. However, the lessee is obliged to keep the area within a radius of 5 metres around the premises in order.

It is not allowed to sublet the rented premises except in special cases and only with prior written notification to and permission from the Ruigoord Foundation. The studios are business spaces, a tenancy agreement is for the period of one year at a time.

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What is the task of the Ruigoord Foundation?

The Ruigoord Foundation was set up in 2001 to form a legal entity in which the municipality of Amsterdam could enter into a rental agreement. Its goals are formulated in the following bylaws:

Creating a meeting point in Ruigoord for both informal and established culture with a national and international character.

To inspire, initiate, realise, and continue a most lively interaction between Ruigoord as a green cultural enclave and the Port of Amsterdam and the surrounding industrial area, all in good harmony with the cultural facilities in the region.

Furthermore, anything that is directly or indirectly related and conducive to the foregoing, in the broadest definition possible.

The foundation endeavours to achieve its objective through:

  • Providing spatial, technical, and organisational facilities for creating art.
  • Acquiring, managing, or retaining land, buildings and other facilities in the so-called ‘Ruigoord plan area’, as described in more detail in the rental agreement with the municipality of Amsterdam.
  • Entering a contractual cooperation with one or more legal persons to organise and realise cultural activities, in addition to executing management tasks, such as the maintenance of grounds and buildings in the village.

The foundation does not aim to make a profit or obtain any commercial advantage.