Formerly, in the mid-80s, Salon Ruigoord was a studio of Hans Gritter who built it adjacent to his house. Following his departure in 2003, theatre maker Michael Kamp settled in the abandoned building. A thorough renovation process was undertaken which eventually led to the realisation of Salon Ruygoort. A magnificent Art Deco glass front separating the foyer from the auditorium was installed, setting a classical tone.

By 2008, taking advantage of its central location in the village and the Ruigoord summer festivals, the Salon was increasingly used as stage and workshop space. In mid-October 2011, a major renovation started in which the building was literally lifted. Salon Ruygoort has been a fact since 2012 and continues to develop.

Salon Ruigoord lends itself perfectly as a venue for a wide range of events.

Atelier: Ruigoord 31