At Whitsun, when spring kisses us awake, Ruigoord is visited by the Holy Spirit of poetry and music. This manifests itself through the exuberant beauty of Nature on our old island. The people of Ruigoord participate with all the most beautiful things that man can offer to life: poetry, music, wisdom, delight and of course Love.

That is Fiery Tongues: a festival for and by creative kindred spirits. Troubadours, oracles, poets and dakini’s, poetry is more alive than ever. As spoken word, sound poem, slam or rap, the art of words flourishes everywhere, especially by the oral poets, a tradition that goes back to primal times.

Fiery Tongues brings together various movements and generations: veterans of Surrealism and Fluxus, classic sonnet writers alongside the youngest sky- stormers. Every year, a commission will award the Ruigoord Trophy to a poet or musician who plays a special role in our cultural free haven. This “gallery of honour” includes Hans Verhagen, Elly de Waard, Diana Ozon, Simon Vinkenoog, Yvonne van Doorn, Armand, Willem de Ridder, and L.Th. Lehmann.

Fiery Tongues is free of charge and organised by the artists of Ruigoord. Here the Homo Ludens can experiment to his heart’s content enjoying freedom, joy and wonder. It is a festival which brings out the best in us and where everyone can blossom.

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Vurige Tongen June 5 & 6 2022

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