Ruigoord has several own productions we are very proud of:


Being the first festival in the Netherlands,

the Landjuweel has grown into a large multiday annual tradition, a definite highlight at Ruigoord and is extremely popular.

Vurige Tongen (Fiery Tongues)

This cultural artistic gathering provides a platform for writers, rappers and other (spoken) word artists from all over the world.

Openbare Werken (Public Works)

Every year in September the artists open their doors, showing a glimpse inside.


Celebrate the Longest Day and Honour the Sunshine ☼

Balloon Party

Great Ruigoord invariably unites annually on 28 December to put on an ecstatic show in Paradiso to celebrate  the end of the year.

Trance Oriënt Express

It has been a household name in Amsterdam nightlife as well as in the global Psychedelic Trance scene for many years.

Maanfeest (Moon Party)

When the Moon is full, Ruigoord overflows. Of music, of fire, of art and of people fully enjoying it. When the Moon is full, the season lights up in Ruigoord. This is reflected in the decor, the costumes and in the dinner we serve.

Sundays in church

Live Jazz, live Classical Music, Spoken Word and more…

Seasonal Celebration

Eight times a year the Ruigoord community comes together to reflect on the various seasonal celebrations in the wheel of the year.

Moon Landing

Futurological Symposium

We expand our usual definition of “environment” to include those places we call “home”: our streets, neighborhoods, communities.