10th Futurological Symposium 2023 on Free Cultural Spaces

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10th Futurological Symposium

Tickets €15 / pass Partout €35

On Mon 24, Tue 25 and Wed 26 July 2023 (3 days before Landjuweel Festival), the 10th Futurological Symposium Free Cultural Spaces will take place in Ruigoord and Paradiso, with the theme: Free Cultural Spaces towards the Symbiocene?

With writers and thinkers, we explore the new age together with Glenn Albrecht, Timothy Morton, T.J. Demos, Philipp Blom, Floris Alkemade, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Eric Swyngedouw, Golnar Abassi, Lisa Doeland, Rene ten Bos, Marian Stuiver, Zoénie Liwen Deng, Henk Oosterling and many others.

Keynote speaker Glenn Albrecht argues for a new era in which humans will live in harmony with nature: the symbiocene, instead of exploiting it (the anthropocene). Glenn also coined the word Symbiocene! Watch this Tegenlicht episode about the Symbiocene.

The 3-day symposium shows the social importance of free cultural spaces as a testing ground on the way to the interweaving of all life and a sustainable future. Transnational scientists, ecologists, planners, jurists, philosophers, ancestors and visionary thinkers discuss the values ​​for the future through presentations, discussions, workshops and talks.

On days 1 and 2, the Church of Ruigoord is the center of inspiration and debate about the Symbiocene and the Salon also has an extensive program with films, meet & greets and inspiring talks.

On the 3rd day in Paradiso, the symposium focuses on the ‘Right to Ruigoord & The Declaration on the Universal Value of Free Cultural Spaces’, of which symbiocene thinking is a part.

Representatives of free cultural spaces from all over the world indicate how they relate to the symbiocene and speak about the art of living in freedom and/or maintaining autonomy. We will talk to Free Cultural Spaces such as Christiania (DK), Gängeviertel (D), Uzupis (L), Institut for X (DK), Cultural Stelling Amsterdam (NL), and also with the ancestors of various tribes, including Jeremiah Wolf (USA), Shirley Krenak (Br), Cheryl Ann Angel (Lakota, USA).

In addition, there are guided tours around highlighted ‘Ecological Art Installations’, symbiocene works of art that are part of the 50 year exhibition Oase van Verwondering.

There is a special website where the Dutch team of the Futurologisch Symposium shows its program. https://fcsamsterdam.nl/

Here you can find extensive information about all participants, and see the block schedule per day!

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