Mistress of Divine Craziness

For 25 years Olga Petersen (1939) has been coming from Cologne to Ruigoord almost every weekend. The Mistress of Divine Craziness receives people in a beautiful pink robe during festivals. Her temple and her red throne are next to the church.  Experience the magic and meet each other at soul level.

Vision enhancing plants

On her sixtieth birthday, the Mistress of Divine Craziness decided to change her bourgeois life. She made a parachute jump and embraced her fears. “I am ready to reincarnate”, she prayed before the 4,000-metre jump. After her landing, she decided she would dedicate herself entirely to searching for the God in herself and others, sometimes with the help of vision-enhancing plants. ‘I got to know myself through trips to the Amazon and through contact with the Indians and the sacred plants. I have accepted my own Divinity and see the same in the soul and eyes of the other. In the Aquarian Age we all become one. Namaste.’