From Native Americans and Trump to Frida Kahlo and bats; everyone is welcome in the rich imagination of Masja Ottenheim (47). In her work she creates exciting colour combinations and surprising perspectives. Her stories are not only rich in form, but they also take the viewer into a colourful world that is unknown to many. Parool 2020: “I use Posca and Molotow paint markers. My drawings tell stories which give you the opportunity to reflect on social issues. My creations are based on the thought: I don’t fight against war; I walk for peace.”

What does it mean to you to have a studio at Ruigoord? And for your work?

‘Ruigoord gives me food for thought every day. The scope of my creative side has broadened through Ruigoord. I am more free and more profound. To be surrounded by kindred spirits every day gives peace and space and happiness. And yes, there is a cosmic leak in this place… I can feel it and I can transform it into the manifestation of my work. In addition, I make artworks in cooperation with other studio tenants of Ruigoord, that is what I like to do the most.’

Atelier: Ruigoord 24 casa poetica
Tel: 0618187898