Margrid grew up in Santpoort-Noord near the dunes. From an early age, art played a role in her life. She worked for artist Ro Mogendorff and became closely involved with the Amsterdam Balloon Company, and in 1975 she decided to live in Ruigoord.

In the studio where her three children grew up, she still works every day as a chronicler and is a member of the Studio Committee.

In 1979, she thought of the idea of making a journey together on the ‘Luchtbus’, the former Magic bus, which eventually led them to India. She recorded this journey in a travel report. During this two-year trip, the joint happenings together with local artists were an important red thread. In this way, Ruigoord weaved a web of international contacts. Margrid has played a role in the organisation of Ruigoord for over 46 years, especially behind the scenes.

This includes setting up the Landjuweel Foundation, recruiting administrators and supporting internal developments. She has an eye for every individual in the community and knows how to connect them into a group.

What does it mean to you to have a studio at Ruigoord? And for your work?

‘Working together with various generations creates a superpower which you’ll never achieve as an individual and this gives me satisfaction and energy.

It has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge in community life that I like to pass on. Ruigoord shows me what you are capable of as a group, and it touches me deeply every time at the important and right moments everyone is there for each other.’