Heilige Geertruida

Collectief Ruigoord | Elysee Stroetinga

Saint Geertruida - also known as Hella or Vrouw Holle - is the patron saint of the church of Ruigoord. She is the protector of travellers and seafarers, and is often depicted with rats. She is the goddess of the underworld and represents transformation and moving into the future. Letting go of old ideas, habits, stages of life and seeing death as part of life.

Geertruida is painted in the church, by Masja Ottenheim as part of Gijs Frieling's mural. She also regains a physical presence, peering over the harbour, standing on the dyke. The Geertruida monument.

Concept Ruigoord Collectief (Elsje Elysee Stroetinga)

Realisation Dennis Bast and Renate de Kock