‘As far as my memory will take me back in time, creativity and expression played a prominent role in my life. In my very early years this manifested itself in the instrument of my first love: language: capturing the essence of all kinds of things. But also in drawing, making music, textile crafts. Above all and as often and as intensely as possible enjoying all the nice stimuli that reach my brain through the senses. The adventure of making stained-glass work makes the pieces of the puzzle fall into place; as if the skills, knowledge, techniques, and exact thinking developed over the years were the prelude to this.’

What does it mean to you to have a studio at Ruigoord? And for your work?

‘At the age of 17, I set foot on Ruigoord with my sister during a Landjuweel festival. I felt it immediately: this was my home. Here I could be the best Hedy imaginable. Later, I got to know more and more of the villagers (yes, back then people still lived there) and especially the residents and artists of the first hour are my heroes. At such a revolutionary time they brought about this inevitable future for all of today’s studio tenants. Back then as well as in recent years more and more young heroes have joined them. I feel privileged to work with so many inspiring souls to contaminate this piece of land, this Ruige Oord and anyone that dares to visit with an inspiring way of looking at the world differently.’

Atelier: Ruigoord 48-a