Elsje Elysée Stroetinga

Elsje studied with Max Bueno de Mesquita (Amsterdam) and atelier Toledo and La Grande Chaumière (Paris). Her work is mainly about the intensity of colour. Therefore, she prefers to paint with tempera. Subjects: mainly abstracted forms. Other disciplines: piezography, photography, installations.

First worked in France, afterwards involved in several galleries in Amsterdam. Was owner of Forum Galerie Amsterdam.

Exhibits in Europe (recently at Grand Palais, Paris) and abroad (India, Mongolia). Works in studios at Ruigoord and in the Cantal (France).

Publications: ‘So within, so without’, Vaishwik Gallery, Poona (India); ‘Herfstdag’ (Rilke), Museum Heerenveen.

What does it mean to you to have a studio at Ruigoord? And for your work?

‘Although it is nice to be in a community with other artists and in some cases to be able to work together on common projects, it is not necessary for my own work: my work develops strictly personal.’

Atelier: Ruigoord 20 A
Website: https://elsjeelysee.exto.nl