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Floris Brasser brings together three of his extraordinary wooden works for Ruigoord - Oase van Verwondering: an imposing, split tree (which you can enter and even climb on), a staircase with a high seat and an interactive gateway. They’re tree sculptures that can be touched, climbed on, stepped into, sat on and played with.

Giant trees he has nurtured, sculpted and lugged, with hours of workmanship invested. Majestic, local forest giants, transformed into areas for play and to spend time for the Homo Ludens (the Playing Man) of all ages.

Floris Brasser

Floris Brasser (1957) is a sculptor and designer with a passion for wood. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, he found his home in Vorden, where he implements his artistic vision. Brasser's impressive wooden sculptures can be seen domestically and internationally and are included in both public and private collections. He believes that sculptures in urban public spaces form a dialogue, blend into their surroundings and encourage interaction. They enhance the quality of public space and provide a much-needed break from everyday life.