This educational institute teaches life art, non-western philosophy, futurology, magic, mind expansion as well as different social and cultural techniques. The Ruigoord Academy offers education for children and adults, beginners and academics, anarchists and civil servants, aligning all activities at Ruigoord which focus on development and education. (start 2012)

Together, and in a playful way you will learn to dig deeper and develop your full potential. You will be surprised by the uncommon wisdom that Ruigoord has to offer. By stimulating your own initiative and free association you can free your mind to develop new thoughts and new insights. And this almost automatically leads to more joy as well as living a better and more conscious life!

At Ruigoord learning means going far beyond the known facts, formulas, and common knowledge.


Establishing a platform in Ruigoord to provide education to a diverse audience, transcending the generations. To build both a physical community and an online learning community, thereby building bridges between various alternative communities worldwide.

The Ruigoord Academy offers a wide variety of choices: from training, workshops, lectures, and stories in many ways to small scale experience events, sessions, team activity games, debates, symposia, master classes and team building training for companies.

The Ruigoord Academy offers workshops for both individual participants and groups. On request, the courses can also be given outside Ruigoord at your location. The Ruigoord Academy is also active on the internet, we can guide you online.

Content goal:

To make new connections between:

  • Alpha & Beta & Omega
  • Knowledge & insight
  • Your left and your right brain,
  • Intuition & Ratio
  • Science of people and of different cultures.

Through our website you can find several online platforms:

live, via streams and podcasts.

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