The Ruigring is a monthly meeting of Ruigoord’s committees and foundations. Within the Ruigring, the committees share information on specific topics they are working on and advise each other and the board on ongoing issues. This may involve solicited and unsolicited advice. All activities of the committees are coordinated within the Ruigring. The Ruigring has a chairman who is committed to actively involving Ruigoord’s tenants in the committee structure and takes care of the Ruigring’s monthly agenda.


Ruigoord Sustainable wants to play a major role in the challenges posed by climate change and energy transition, because we want to care for the world we live in and also in the interest of our own survival. Sustainability is not an obstacle, but will ultimately benefit everyone.

Groen Groep

De Groen Groep deals with greenery in and around the village. Together with a large
number of volunteers, they are working towards a fairytale GREEN Ruigoord.
For more information, see our Facebook page.


The Studio Committee deals with the allocation of new studios. Are you interested in
a (temporary) studio in Ruigoord? Then click here for more information about the conditions
and the application procedure.

Commissie Scheppende Kunst

This committee organises our Public Works once a year and is committed to the creative artists of Ruigoord and to increasing the visibility of creative art in the village.

Spatial planning

This committee advises the two founding boards of Ruigoord on the layout of the village, especially on the placement of new studios and objects to be built, and infrastructure.

Rent Commission

Tenants in Ruigoord can go to the Rent Commission with any questions about the rent of the studios.

Waste Commission

The Waste Committee deals with the sustainable disposal of our waste. They advise both foundation boards and tenants on placement of waste points and waste separation.

Construction/Maintenance Committee

This committee deals with all building and studio maintenance work on behalf of the Ruigoord Foundation.

Programme Committee

The Programming Committee, in cooperation with the Programme Coordinator, fills the cultural agenda of Ruigoord. This is guided by the Artistic Vision.

Village Hall Committee

This committee is concerned with the design and decoration of our new Village Hall and will also shape its interior.


Ad hoc committees

Separate temporary committees or working groups may be set up for all short-term projects. These will be relinquished after the completion of the project.