100 years Ruigoord

In Ruigoord, we organise almost everything with the help of many volunteers. The studio tenants together form the village council, and from there on the studio committee, artistic committee, rent committee, sustainability committee, waste committee and other occasional committees are filled in. Everyone can participate and make decisions. From every committee, a delegation participates in the Ruigring, where progress is discussed every month.

The Ruigoord foundation takes care of the exploitation of the studios and maintains contact with the authorities. The board of this foundation consists of committed people from outside the village. It manages the income from the rent and the expenses of the maintenance of the studios.

The Landjuweel foundation is responsible for all executive activities in the cultural field. The board is formed by people from both inside and outside the village. The foundation organises the festivals and helps the community to grow, also outside the village.

This multiple structure with committees, village council and the Ruigring on one side and the foundations on the other ensures that in principle everything takes place in consensus.

The celebration of 50 years of Ruigoord is a good moment and opportunity to broaden our public activities. On one hand, the number of activities for the public, such as festivals is reduced. Instead, there will be more attention for art, spirituality, and ecology. We have come to realise that this requires new sources of financing and that voluntary work on its own is not enough. Through the foundation “100 years Ruigoord” we want to shape a much broader profile and thus develop a vision and strategy for the future of the village, the spirit of Ruigoord and create cultural activities for a wider audience. The board is formed by board members of the other two foundations plus two additional studio tenants.

Comité van Aanbeveling 50 jaar Ruigoord
Bekijk hier het Comité van Aanbeveling

More info:

Strategic policy plan Hundred years of Ruigoord 20210420
Multi-year policy plan 2021-2023 One Hundred Years Ruigoord 20210420

The board 

The board at its foundation (May 2021) consists of the following persons

Pallas Agterberg (chairman) – mail@pallasagterberg.nl
Karin Boukema
Ruben Lodeizen ruben@ruigoord.nl
Rob van Tour
Masja Ottenheim – masjala@gmail.com
Diederik Verzijl (treasurer) – diederikverzijl@ruigoord.nl

The appointment for membership is for a period of 3 years with the possibility of extension. The board members do not receive any payment from the foundation for their work.

The tax number (RSIN) is 8626726596

Ruigoord 76
1047HH Amsterdam